Friday, December 19, 2014

What Has Happened To The Falalala Spirit?


Yesterday was our annual Falalala day! You might be wondering what a Falalala day is??? 

It is a day that Dougie, and I take to absorb the Christmas sights, sounds and smells. 

We are done with any pressure type shopping so we just take our time, and enjoy the sights and people.

As always we enjoyed each other, but to our surprise there was not a whole lot of Christmas spirit going on out there. 

Not the usual lights, or sounds. It made me feel a bit sad inside. I am trying very hard to hold onto my Falalala spirit, but I am finding that so many around me are just not feeling it this year.

I am not sure if it is age related, or just the condition of our world. Either way I am sad inside by it all. Even certain friends of mine are not enjoying this beautiful season like they use too.

There are more excuses of WHY they are not doing, or more complaining about what they are doing than ever before.

I struggle with the don’t want too’s just like everyone. However I will  absolutely fight  against not enjoying a Holiday that is all about the greatest gift of love that mankind has ever been given.

There are so many emotions, and memories attached to this time of year, some are better than others, but to be honest we all have to really put forth an effort to remain in the spirit of this Holiday, and to not cave to the way of the world.

It does not have to be a Hallmark movie to be wonderful. It just had to be made a little special with your very own touches.

Whether it is a small tree, or  a wreath, a beautifully wrapped present, or a gift of generosity, it can all be wonderful.

Please don’t cave into the feelings of bah humbug, find what your own WONDERFUL is and celebrate that!!!

We all have choices, and I for one am choosing to remain in the spirit of my Christmas past, present and future. 

A spirit of thankfulness for God sending his son to be born so that we all might be free from our sins by believing in him.

 A spirit of sweet family memories of smiling surprised faces on Christmas morning. A spirit of delight in my family’s eyes when they see the tree full of the memories of Christmas past.

Will you join me in maintaining your Christmas Spirit, it does not have to be big, grand, colorful, or even lively. It just has to be an attitude of gratefulness and love. Love yourself enough to do something special for you, and your loved ones. 

Think about who and what you HAVE in your life NOW!!

It doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant, it just needs to feel a little special. Try some of the things I listed below:

Simple things like :

  • Candles lit  throughout the day
  • A fire in the fireplace.
  • A wreath on the door ( they are everywhere, even the grocery stores)
  • Christmas music playing (Free on the radio)
  • Something hot to drink ( Hot milk and coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon)
  • A warm bowl of soup ( choose your favorite or a store bought butternut squash with croutons)
  • A fun Christmas movie ( Hallmark is always available this time of year)
  • Buy your favorite candy for yourself (Mine is new this year to me, but definitely a favorite, Trader Joes Brittle, All decked out)
  • Drive to look at lights (If you go online you can find what are the best light shows in your area)

I am sending you all a great big Christmas Hug and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Special Treats For YOU and Your Holiday Guest


I had a fun day yesterday. It was a cold rainy day so I decided to stay in and do some puttzing around the house.


There is nothing like puttzing around your home on a cold rainy day, especially during the Holidays.
The music is playing in the background and the candles are lit, fire in the fireplace.
I think the stage is set for  a great Falalaing kind of day. 

On days like this I like to give myself a special treat. I am going to share with you all some of the things I keep on hand for myself and for my drop-in guest.

I have always kept a supply of Trader Joe’s almond mini biscotti and enjoyed it immensely, but this by far surpasses  the almond biscotti.If you have not had this before you must try it……….

Another plus it is only 80 calories, pretty good for a sweet treat.

One of these biscotti, and your favorite cup of tea or coffee =Love in a cup!

Speaking of tea I have two teas that I love to drink in the winter……


This tea has a spice, vanilla, citrus flavor. There is something about the addition of the vanilla that just makes this a wonderful mellow cup of tea with just hints of spice and citrus.

Peet’s only carries it this time of year so you can bet your bottom dollar I will be buying several boxes to last all winter. 

It makes a wonderful hostess gift too. In fact that is how I got my first box. A dear friend brought it tied up in a beautiful coppery brown satin ribbon. Boy, was it pretty on that blue box.

The other tea that I have been drinking this winter is Stash’s………..
Lemon-Ginger Tea

This tea has a strong ginger flavor so if you don’t like ginger you would not like this tea. I love ginger and lemon so it is a perfect mix for this girl. I squeeze a bit more lemon and a spoonful of honey and it is a perfect cup of tea.

So there you have it!!! This is what I treat myself with on a cold and rainy afternoon, with the fireplace lit, and Christmas music in the background.

Do you all have some fun little treats that you like to keep around for yourself and drop-in guest? Do share, we can always use more ideas in blogland!!

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Whatever you are doing by adding a
biscotti and a cup of special tea!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Christmas Guest Room!


I don’t normally decorate our bedrooms for Christmas, but I have one room that I might add just a little something too and that is our guest room.

Our guest room is in the process of being re-done. You all might remember how it use to look……

fINISHED PLAYROOM Guest room 013 (600x800) (600x800)_thumb[6]
The little sofa made out into a bed.

fINISHED PLAYROOM Guest room 008 (800x600) (800x600)_thumb[2]
The reading nook was also large enough for our Grandchildren to use as a reading and sleeping nook.


As children do, they grew and grew, so the reading nook is just a nook and now we need more beds.

After deliberating, and thinking of all possible guest that might be staying here from time to time we realized that twin beds would be the most suitable for our needs at this time.

I have to admit I am going to miss this darling little guest room, but I think we can make the next one just as nice, or at least I hope we can.

We ordered two twin beds, and got them on a great price over 6 months ago.

It is the Thomas bed from Pottery Barn.

I made design boards to see what would look best together…..

lighter turquoise
We were on a roll and as in life sometimes we have things that take us down a different path for awhile.

5 months ago my husband had open heart surgery so when the beds were delivered, we had them placed in my living room leaning against the wall covered in blankets. 

There they sat for the last five months, but to be honest that did not bother me one bit. All I wanted was to get my hubby back to good health. I am happy to say he is in good health and doing wonderfully.

In fact he is doing well enough that he was ready to set up the beds in the guest room so that our overnight Christmas guest would have a place to sleep.

We have the beds set up, and ready for sleeping, but the painting, night stand, and hanging of art will be waiting for us after the Holidays.

Here is what the guest room looks like now all ready for Christmas guest…..

P1140656 (600x800)
You will notice that the pillow sham says DREAMS on this bed!!

P1140657 (800x600)
On the other bed it says SWEET!!

P1140642 (800x600)

We also added a soft ambient light glowing behind the headboards. This is the same bar lighting we had on top of the bookshelves in the room  before.

It was my husbands idea to attach it to the bed, but I said, No to the bed, but how about just putting it on the wall? So that is where it is, on the wall, and it gives off the perfect amount of light in a dark room.

P1140659 (600x800)
We also placed a Christmas pillow made by Craftberry Bush for Society 6, click HERE to go to website.

There is a significance to this pillow for my husband and me.

His very first car was a RED 1964 V W Beetle, and that is the car he drove when we were dating, and also when we were first married. 

So this sweet pillow not only is a touch of Christmas for our guest room, but a sweet memory for us.

After all isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Making sweet memories with the people that you love!!

This weekend we had our first guest in our new guest room. We had our two Grandsons here for our annual Grammy's Christmas children. 

 Here is my youngest looking for his own Christmas memory. He is trying to find his favorite ornament. (Thomas The Train)

A nicely made bed is pretty, but there is nothing better than a bed that a child has snuggled in.....


I hope you are all enjoying making memories for yourself and your family and friends during this Holiday Season.

Now go out there, and Falalala, and deck those halls!!

Merry Christmas and SWEET DREAMS!!