Sunday, May 24, 2015

Our Journey Continues


P1150168 (800x600)
A bitter/sweet moment. The last picture we will ever take on our front porch. This was taken right after we turned over our keys to the new buyer's realtor.

Moving sure can take it out of you! Whew! We are beyond tired, but by golly we did it, and lived to tell the story.

If you have read any of my previous post you know we just moved out of our family home of 37 years. To say it was an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement.

P1150042 (600x800)

So many of our family members, and close friends were a bit saddened by this move as well, but like us, they knew it was a good move, and time for us to start a new adventure.


I know everyone was so curious about the WHERE and the WHEN of our move. I was not trying to be secretive, but I did not want to say anything until I knew for sure that our home would sell.


Boy did it sell, and very, very quickly at that. We were very fortunate to have 7 over asking bids. We chose the right bid for our situation, and the rest is history.


While we were getting ready for the selling of our home we were also looking for a new place to purchase as our next home. 


We are pretty logical people, maybe I should clarify that, my husband is beyond logical. 

He is the one that had researched, and punched the numbers to makes sure this was all doable before he showed me a house he thought we would like.


He might take a long time to process all the angles of a situation, but once he has done that he is ready to jump forward. 


So literally one day he told me he had found a home he thought we both might like, and he was ready to go and look at it.

Even though we had talked about moving for over 4 years, I was still in shock because this time was different. He was READY to make the move. 

I immediately started asking questions, and doing the back stroke. He was more than ready so we went to look at the home, and needless to say we decided to sign on the dotted line.

We had our list of priorities, and at the very top of the list was to stay close to family. We will be living about 20 min. closer to our family, the second priority was to be in a gated community with an HOA. Of course there were other things on our list, but these were the most important to us.

So I am purging my existing home, packing, and signing very important documents all at the same time. 

Our home sold within the very first weekend so this was a definite GOOOOOO!!!

Our brand new home is in a beautiful little community. It is in an over 55 community, but they like to refer to it as an, "Active Lifestyle Community."

The area is surrounded by hills, and grape vineyards, very peaceful, and beautifully planned. 

We are still pinching ourselves, and can’t believe we will be spending the rest of our retirement years there.

Here is a little video link of the community, if you are interested in seeing what it looks like…….

We are downsizing just a bit to 1590 sq. ft. home, and we found a floor plan that will work well for the way we live, and for when our family visits….


What we loved about this model was how the kitchen and great room related to each other. 

The kitchen has always been the hub of our home. I like seeing my family when I am in the kitchen, and I also like to have a view of the backyard while in the kitchen so this model fulfilled all the criteria for our needs, and most of our wants.

There are three different elevation choices……

Mallorca C_large mediterranean
The Mediterranean

Mallorca B_large vineyard cottage
The Vineyard Cottage

Mallorca elevation Napa
The Napa

Since this community is surrounded by hills, Oak trees and grape vineyards it has a California wine country feel so the homes are aptly named, and the elevations reflect that style.

You all know by now I am a cottage loving gal so we chose The Napa

Our home will be flipped so the garage is on the right. The paint color, and roof will also be different than in the picture. 

You get to choose from 5 choices of combinations of house, trim, door and roof color. 

I felt very, very lucky because the one I wanted was offered for the elevation we chose.

We had driven around the existing homes, and I kept pointing out one color combination that I loved, and it was offered with the elevation we chose.

Here is the color combination that we chose for our new home …….

P1150199 (609x800)

I know all monitors will read it a bit differently, but it is a grayed/blue/green color The roof will be a gray……

P1150200 (800x456)

We chose our lot……..

P1150177 (800x600)
We are now the proud owners of DIRT!!!

You can see the vineyards on the hills behind our home, of course once the other homes are built we will not be able to see them from our yard, but on our walks we will get to see their beauty.

So for now we are residing in a very nice 1,200 sq. ft. apartment for the next 6 months while our new home is being built. We settled in very quickly and feel very comfortable here.

To say it has been a fast, crazy month would be an understatement.

This past week while moving I was also having to make ALL of the interior and exterior design choices. 

I would NOT recommend doing it this way. I was so mentally, and physically exhausted, and I had all my design meetings the week of the move.

Decisions did not come easily due to the available elements to choose from (am I the only one in the world that does not live with earth tones?), but I think we made the best decisions for us, or at least I hope we did.

We are going to take this next week to catch up with you all in blogland, and rest my body and my brain.

We now have the time to truly get excited about this new adventure. 

I hope you are ready to take a ride with me on the journey to a new lifestyle, and the designing process of our new home. 

Oh and just one more thing!! Trilogy has a blog and guess what the name of the blog is??? Coincidence? I will let you be the judge!



to be cont
And I am determined to …….


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keep Your Eyes and Mind OPEN!!!


Amongst all the packing of the BIG and the Little items in our home, I have taken a few moments of diversion from the business, and work of selling, and packing up our home of 37 years.

Several months ago I actually started a pinboard, and titled it NEXT HOUSE. At that time I had no idea it would be coming to fruition so quickly. I actually just did it for fun, since I seem to live, eat and breathe design.

The images I pinned onto this board were ideas that I liked, that I thought I could live with, if and when we ever purchased a new home.

I thought it might be fun to revisit this board with you all today, and see what all I have in mind, and to really evaluate if I really do LIKE what I pinned since it has become a reality, and not just a someday.

I have repeatedly pinned this image for several years.

It is not very likely I will have this grand of a hallway, or this large of an area that I could store nothing but pretty white linens. 

However I am a true believer in studying great design and tweaking it to fit my space and budget. I try to always see the possibilities not the, “That will never happen in my life.” Remember, keep your eyes and mind open to new possibilities.

hallway linen storage - beautiful!
Most of us only have small areas that we can use for a linen closet in our homes, but just think!! You could put glass doors on any cabinet, and do part of your linen closet like this.

Let’s look at some smaller versions to give us all some good ideas….

Built-in Linen Closet in the Bathroom. This would work great in a hallway as well or a Bedroom for clothing. at Low Country Living blog.
This is not nearly as grand or displayed as nicely, but what I do like about this particular cabinet is the black latch instead of knobs, it adds a fun vintage vibe, and you all know I do love black and white!

If you have the option for double doors, check this out…….

Build in Shelves with glass doors and drawers rather than those stupid linen closets you can never keep organized.
In this image I am noticing they used glass knobs to add to the shine of the glass, and then they used bin pulls on the first set of drawers, not sure I like that, but it is just another option to think about. 

I also like the way the top of the cabinet is set back a bit. It gives the space more interest and dimension.

built in cabinet in between studs in bathroom - I need to find someone to do this for my linens.

Even the smallest of linen cabinets can be made more attractive with an addition of glass doors. In this image they even added a few pretty little blue bottles to break up the composition. I like the addition of a little color and a different texture.

love the cabinet in bathroom
This next image is way too busy for my own personal aesthetics, but it is an interestingoption on how to treat inexpensive bi-fold doors. 

Pop out the center panel and take to your glass man and have clear glass added. You will be surprised at how inexpensively this can be done. Very interesting!!!

I have been talking about built-in storage, but if you don’t have built-ins how about a free-standing piece to use as linen storage with glass doors?……

Display beautiful linen in an old medical cabinet

From TV Cabinet to Linen Cabinet  how many of these do you see now that flat screens are the thing

Now this is a very clever idea, if you have a TV cabinet or find one at a thrift store, add the glass doors and some paint and you have a beautiful and original linen cabinet!!

There you have it dear readers!! Never, ever let size, placement or budget stifle your creativity. Look for ideas to help you think outside of the box. There is always more than one way to do a job.

I hope this helps you see things through  a different set of eyes, and mindset. I hope to do more of these types of post. It helps me too!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” 
Imagining the Possibilities!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015



It is time for a house update!! 

It has been a whirlwind of activity, and our heads are spinning. After getting 7 over asking bids on our home within the first week we chose one offer, and now our home is……………

It has been a flurry of activity, both mental and physical.

We are busy, purging, packing, and storing our belongings.

One can sure collect a lot of , “Stuff!” when living in the same home for 37 years.

I have found the purging to be much easier than I had anticipated, and have found it to be very freeing. It feels good to know what is in the boxes in the corners, in the dark.

There have been moments of exhaustion, excitement and bitter sweet moments of tears along the way.

Basically an emotional roller coaster, but we are surviving it all.

It is funny how you will run into something that was in a box that you have not seen for awhile, and the tears will come so unexpectedly. 

For instance when I opened a box, and found this little guy……

P1150040 (600x800)

This is "BINGO", he is a talking bear that giggles, and ask questions, and is always ready for a hug and ask for hugs frequently.

When I found him I immediately started crying. I told my hubby I had to take a moment. 

So I took Bingo inside, and held him and cried for a bit, and smiled about all the family memories with Bingo in our family.

Years ago my youngest son asked for Bingo for Christmas, and I debated on getting him because I knew he would soon out grow the stuffed toy phase, and Bingo was priced at a price that was a bit expensive for our Christmas budget back in the day.

I have a very dear friend that told me, “For God’s sake get him the bear, it is the only thing he has asked for, for Christmas!” She was right, as she usually is, so I bought the bear for our youngest son.

Little did I know that Bingo would give our entire family so much pleasure. We have all enjoyed hugging him, and making him ask questions, and we answer him too!!

He even entertained our Grandchildren, and to this day if any of our family members see Bingo, they will giggle, pick him up, and make him talk.

So for now Bingo will wait in his special box for the arrival of Great Grandchildren where he will emerge, and make them giggle, squeeze, and answer questions with their parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

So when you think of me today just think of me up to my eye balls in boxes ….

bubble wrap and boxes

and getting very creative with bubble wrap….

bubble wrap2
My casual look!

bubble wrap3
For more formal affairs!