Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Easy Tips To Help Keep An Organized Closet

Today's post is going to give you some easy-to-do tips that will help keep things in your closets a bit more organized.

I am sure we all think if we had a closet like the one pictured below it would not be any problem keeping it neat and tidy. 

However, most of us don't have this luxury so we have to be a bit more creative. 

dream closet

I am going to share three easy tips that have helped me in the past.

Are you ready to be blown away?

When you take a piece of clothing off of the hanger, take the hanger, and put it at the beginning of the clothes rack. Now you won't have empty hangers among your clothing, nor do you ever have to hunt for a hanger.

I told you it would rock your world!! Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but it really is a simple thing to do and makes life a little easier.

My next life changing tip has to do with color.


color coded closet, love this

This is a very simple process and you can decide on your own how you want to color code you personal closet.

Personally I go from lights to darks, solids to patterns.

Professional organizers use the following acronym:
Of course we all have black and white in our closets, I always start with white, then black, and then colors.

I do this mainly because I wear more black and white as my staple pieces so having them first in my closet makes life easier for me.

color coded organization #closet


All blouses, shirts, pants, sweaters, skirts and dresses should be put together and color coded.
I take it one step further, and put sleeveless, then short sleeve then long sleeved shirts together, and the same process with my dresses.

Good Life of Design: Color Coding Will Help Keep Your Closet Organized!

Organized Closet

Do you have any special little tips that you do when organizing your closets?

Leave a comment and share with the rest of us, we love new ideas!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I Organize My Beauty Products

spring cleaning

It is that time of year for me! 

Time to start cleaning out! 

I started with an easy area  to help me get in the mood to continue onto the big stuff that is not so easy, (closet, garage, you get the picture.) 

I have a way of procrastinating when it comes to my closet and garage.

Spring cleaning 5

I began with my make-up! 

Recently I made some new purchases so I could not possibly put my brand new items in a messy make-up bag.(Read about new purchases HERE!)

This time around I decided to divide my beauty products that I use ALL the time from the various lipsticks, and other make-up that I only use occasionally. I put the extras in a small three drawer stack of drawers.

Plus, to be honest it is pretty hard for me to get rid of lipsticks, and lip glosses. I kind of have an addiction when it comes to my lips.

spring cleaning 3

The first thing I did was gather all of my make-up brushes to clean. I actually went through 3 different methods to see which one was the best so I could tell you all what really works.

Clean with baby shampoo: I have done my brushes this way before and it seemed to work fine until……..

Clean with equal amounts of Dawn and Olive oil: The premise here is the Dawn cleans them and the oil conditions the brush itself.

Only problem was I think I used too much olive oil so I had to do my final and BEST method as far as I am concerned.

Clean with Dawn: DONE and clean.

I was  amazed at how much more makeup this process got out of my, what I thought was, already clean brushes.

I laid them on a white towel to dry….

Next it was time to organize and purge.

It actually went rather quickly to my surprise.

I used  a stack of three drawers:


The first drawer contains what I start with first, foundation. 

I also put the brushes I use to apply foundation, and concealer in this drawer so I don’t have to rummage through all of my brushes to find just the right on.

Second drawer contains eye makeup and brushes

Third drawer contains my blushes, lipsticks and glosses that I wear on a regular basis.








The next items were my lotions, and potions that I use daily. 

I corralled them in a plastic basket that is easy to clean if I spill something, which I do once in awhile, I am kind of a klutz…

I keep both the stack of drawers, and the basket inside my closet, and just bring them to the vanity counter when I use them. 

spring cleaning 4

So far it has been very easy to keep them clean, and organized because everything has it’s place.

I don’t know if this method will work for you, but it is an inexpensive way to store make-up and keep it out of sight until you need to use it.

How do you store your beauty products? Leave a comment, we can all learn from each other!! 

After all that is why I started this little blog, to tell you all what I have learned, and to learn from you!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Adding A Bit More Black To My Family Room


"It is all in the details," someone once said, and in design it truly is. 

The details are what can take an ordinary room, or piece, and take it up a notch.

I have two ottomans in my family room, one I use as a coffee table/footstool. The other is used as a footstool for comfortable seating while watching TV.

P1140022 (800x600)

You can see it in front of the white chair, notice the simple legs? Well those had to go, they just were not fitting in my room.

I looked online at several different sites, to find different styles that might work with the overall look I had in mind.


Before ordering the legs I had to take a couple of measurements:

  • The height of the leg
  • The diameter of the leg…. I got this measurement by measuring from the original hole to the edge of the corner of the ottoman to see how large the diameter could be.

I had to do quite a bit of looking to find one that would meet the criteria of the correct measurements and the look I wanted, and of course there was price, there is always a budget for these things.


In my looking everything that I seemed to like was ranging from $25-$35 each. I am not sure the ottoman itself was worth that expense, so I kept looking.

I finally found a site with affordable choices that I could justify to myself, and hubby.


These were under $11 each! To be honest I was shocked at the price difference from other sites for the same look and quality.

 Ordered and Done!!!!

No matter what the finish was on the legs I had always intended on painting them satin black.

They look shinier here because of the lighting, you will also notice they have a bit of distressing on the finish.


P1140986 (800x600)

I love the way the legs look on the black and white rug.

P1140984 (600x800)
I am very pleased with how the new legs give the simple Ikea ottoman more presence in the room.

Once I get my new bobbin chair in the room the picture will be  almost complete.

Ethan Allen Brant chair

Yes, I said almost, I always have something else in this busy designing brain of mine. As always, in our home………….