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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pinterest, Husbands, and Romance


I have always been a collector of ideas, and beautiful images.

It was one of  the ways I gathered information for my business as a design consultant.

I could never seem to get my fill of images of beautiful rooms. 

Pinterest is fulfilling my need to collect images of not only beautiful d├ęcor, but also others aspects of interest in my life. I now have a place to put this collection in an organized manner.

We all have to face the fact that pinning is here to stay, and has probably become a bigger part of our life than we would have ever imagined, or ever wanted it to be.

With anything that takes time away from, family, husbands, and homes there can be pitfalls.

They even have some funny little sayings about the subject of the amount of time spent on Pinterest.

One of my favorites is this one…….

Pinterest Funny!

Then there is this one……….

Too too cute!!! When pinning the day can get away from you before you know it, that is for sure! KS

If only in our dreams, right?
I have my own personal story about my husband, and pinterest that I would like to share with you all………
…..Once in awhile he will send me an email from work. 

Here is the email I got from him the other morning about Pinterest……….

.........Spent some time on your
Pinterest boards tonight and really
enjoyed it! I especially enjoyed
reading the pins on your “Sayings”
board. What you pinned really shows
what a wonderful, fun, happy, loving
and devoted person you are!!

I love you very much and also wanted

you to know that
“You Are My Happy”

Can you believe how sweet this is? I love that he took the time to see, “ME!” in the things I pinned.

Men need to realize that it is not always the overtly romantic gestures that we find romantic, but it is the small heartfelt things they say, or do that will melt our hearts.


This is the wonderful man that I am blessed to be married too.

I just had to share this with my fellow bloggers and Pinners!!

Just Click HERE to go to my sayings board.

I will continue to Enjoy the Process of:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Decisions Made For The Guest Room

We have the bed, the bedding, and a piece of art! 

Ribbet collage guest room

What’s next?

Navy and white are the base colors, and the art gave me the jumping off point for the use of some accent colors.

Ribbet collage guest room colors

One of my readers asked if I was going to paint the walls turquoise?


I plan on using a color with just a hint of blue green for the walls.  

The paint color has not been chosen yet, but I know the direction I am going, very soft, and pale for a soothing look.

Now is the time I need to make a list of the other elements I want in the room.

One of the main pieces in the room besides the  twin beds is the nightstand.

There will be one nightstand in between the two white beds backed with a pale blue green wall.

I played around with a few looks that I think will work……

I like the contrast this would give in the room. It is a dark teal which pulls from the blue/green family. 

It is appealing to me because it does not match anything in particular in the room. 

This helps make the room look less contrived. With the glass doors and shelves I can put baskets to hold items for my guest. The baskets will also add  texture to the room.

Next I looked at a navy and white option……


I would have to buy a piece with plans on painting it like the above image. 

The only problem with this combination is the white on the dresser might be hard to match the beds paint color, which is actually a soft off white.

This is a top contender and would be easy to replicate!

I think all of the above will be easy to paint if I find a small dresser that will fit between the beds. 

The first option is actually at Target, but they are sold out online, and I have not checked my local store to see if it still available.

I am not worried since I can purchase this small dresser from Ikea and paint it to my liking…..


I did jump the gun a bit, and purchased something else in yellow as accents. As I said in my previous post, yellow is such a vibrant color it needs to be used sparingly in this room.…..

I found these darling book ends online at CB2.

I always check their website for fun, colorful elements when I am doing a room with color. 

I only ordered one because I have plans for the other side of the books. This will sit on top of the night stand. I just might paint the spines of some books as well. Love this fun, whimsical look.

Remember this room is being done mainly for my Grandchildren that are all becoming young adults, so it has to have some fun, and life to it.

Let me share one other piece I got to display on the wall……

California map

I want all of my guest to know that they are special to me, and having them in my home makes my home that much more special.

Since I do have out of state guest from time to time, I thought a map of California would be appreciated by them. This also continues the touch of whimsy I am going for in the room.

If any of you are interested in a print like this the seller offers many options of other states. HERE!

You will begin to notice that none of my yellows match perfectly.

I like the different shades of yellow in the room. Often times if we match things too perfectly the room begins to look contrived.

Decorating TIP!:
Making things a bit off helps prevent that SMATCHY (matchy-matchy) look.

I use the word SMATCHY because it SMACKS you right in the face that everything matches, toooooo perfectly. Not the look I am going for!


This will be an ongoing process so stay tuned for my next post on……


Monday, July 21, 2014

Some NEW This and That's


I have found a few fun things lately that  I thought you all might enjoy as well. 

They vary from, home, beauty, clothing. Just some This and That's for a Monday.

First let me start with something I am in love with for my home…..

Mommys Bliss
This mist smells heavenly!! I use it on my pillow cases and the leading edge of my top sheet. I love this stuff so much I ordered one for each bedroom.

You can find it on sale right now at for only $3.99. It is a small bottle so I got some back-ups.

The other thing I did was to take some WD-40 (best sticky label remover around), to remove the label so I have a pretty little cobalt bottle to sit in the bedrooms. 

I would like to make my own label that says something catchy on it. I will let you know if I figure out how to do that.

In The Wardrobe Department........

Next is a cute little Spring/Summer dress. This dress is knit so it will travel well and I think it can be a dress-up, dress-down outfit…..

Trulli dress black and white
The dress actually hits in the middle of my knee, and fits like a glove. It is very figure flattering, and I  know I will get a lot of wear out of this dress.

You can find it here, On SALE for only $39.99. At that price I bought it in cobalt blue too!!!

Some Southern Comfort!

Next a little something to keep you cool in the summer heat………

southern breeze sweet tea
When we went to South Carolina  I fell in love with sweet tea. We shouldn’t have the sugar so I was on the hunt for something that tasted like the tea we had in South Carolina. I think I have found a winner!!

This tea is sooooo good and it is sweetened with splenda, which is already in the tea bag.

I found it on Amazon HERE! They also have a website that tells you what stores you can buy it at, but we do not have any of the stores listed, here in California.

Now for the beauty department……

I have been using PaulaChoice moisturizer with spf 25 for awhile now, and I must say I still love it.

Recently I needed to order more so I went on her website, and perused a bit, and found another product that I am loving……

Paulas choice
I use this under my sunscreen, and I am loving the way my skin is retaining the moisture. I have extremely dry skin so I am always thrilled to find a product at a reasonable price point that is working for me. You can find it HERE!

That is my post of THIS and That’s!!

Let me know if any of you try any of my newest suggestions.