Thursday, December 7, 2017

Our 2017 Falala Christmas Home!


There has been a whole lot of Falalaing going on over here at our home this year. 

For some reason it just seemed more fun than ever with the bright color combination of pinks and reds and of course my goofy little Zebra pillow that was the jumping off point of everything you are about to see.....

(several of you have asked about him and where I purchased him. I bought him last year, but I did find him on Wayfair so just go HERE if you would like to have him in your home too.)

This years Christmas mantel before adding the beaded garland and ribbon streamers.....

I had so much fun with the colors I used this year, and the brush trees were the perfect addition!

At night everything just sparkles and glistens. Oh how I love our Falala home!!

Under the tree you can see some of our gifts that I wrapped. More to do but I got a good start and the papers all coordinate with the decor!! YES I planned it that way, in fact this plan was made last year after Christmas.

Speaking of the TREE, here she is, our Memory tree for 2017. I really like her in her pink ribbons!!

I continued the pink and red into the kitchen.......

This sits at the end of my large kitchen island, it has lights in it so at night this little area is a soft glow of light.

In the kitchen dinette we opened up the table to get it ready for our family gathering. I used a 5 ft. door mirror down the middle, just to give you an idea of the size of the centerpiece. I continued the red and pink with lots of sparkle and reflection. Who says there has to be candles in your candlesticks?.......

I made a little collage so you could see it from different angles and also see the sparkle!!

At the end of table I hung another wreath from a few  years ago. I added a few pink and red ornaments to make it look a little more fun and less formal. This also lights up at night.  A girl needs her twinkly lights this time of year!!

This wreath was inspired by a Martin Jobe design and also Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make it. I found the tutorial after I made mine, her way was easier than mine, but I love the results so I am happy with it. You can read about how to make it, HERE.

One of the exciting things, at least exciting for me, was the final touch in the great room above the TV.

But let me show you what is below the TV first. It is a restoration hardware zinc tray measuring three ft. long so it is bigger than it looks in the picture. It is full of snow and ornaments and brush trees which ties in with the look of the mantel since it is on the same wall.....

Now for the one thing that brings me  a little giggle every time I see it. Over the years this Christmas phrase has become kind of a signature phrase for me and those that know me well know this about me. I am just a Falalaing kind of gal.......

So there you have our Falala home for this year. Of course I will continue wrapping packages and tweaking things until it is Christmas day. THAT is just what I do and loving every minute.

So from our home to yours......


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Years 2017 Christmas Decor Plan!

With Christmas quickly approaching I thought I would share with you all what I am planning on doing this year.

This plan actually started last year with ONE pillow, a pillow I had spied a few years back that just happen to go on sale....

Isn't he kind of goofy and fun? Every single time I would see him in cyber space I would pause and smile and kind of giggle, he just made me happy. So what is a girl to do? Well, when he was on sale after Christmas this gal bought him and then the planning started off and running.

I usually start with a color scheme, but this guy was going to be my jumping off point so I started looking around to see what I could pull together.

Then I saw ANOTHER PILLOW on sale........

The zebra stripes are a dark almost navy based charcoal so the gray went perfectly. Now I have a theme and my color scheme....

I will be using pinks and reds this year with touches of green and of course my signature black and white stripes.

They are such happy colors together and then add a little green and it becomes Christmas colors!!

I haven't used this combination since 2008 so it will be fun for me to put together. Here is the center piece for our Christmas dining room in 2008....

I might duplicate this look again for our dining room. We shall see.

Now back to the rest of the elements I am going to use.......

I always have fun coordinating my wrapping papers!!

I had to get a little Falala in there too, after all it is my signature Christmas saying!!!

And this my dear friends will become our Christmas decor for 2017!!

To be continued!


Friday, November 24, 2017

Project Design Holiday Wrap!!

Welcome to Project Design
 Holiday Wrap!!

For those of you who happen to be visiting my blog for the very first time, WELCOME!! I am so glad you are here and I hope you are enjoying all the wonderfully talented bloggers and their helpful tips on Holiday wrapping!!

Shall we get started?.........


Do you feel over whelmed when it comes to gift wrapping?

I am going to share with you my approach and how it helps me stay organized and happily wrapping….

First, I have to admit that I  am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to wrapping paper and ribbons.

When you think about it, choosing your paper and ribbons is like choosing fabrics for a room in your home.

Make it fun and coordinate them and organize them in a way that they look pretty and are easily accessible. 

When I purchase my papers I usually start with a color scheme or sometimes a particular theme. 

Of course you will notice my signature black and white striped wrapping paper is always in the mix in our home.

Choose A Signature Wrap!
The very first time I ever heard of someone using a signature wrapping paper was Colin Cowey, his paper was a dark chocolate brown. 

That made me start thinking about what would I choose, and it was a very simple choice for me since I am a lover of black and white and stripes.

I put my papers together just like I do for pillow fabrics on my sofa. It's all about coordination and if you have trouble doing that you can often find groupings of papers that are already put together for you. I noticed that Target had a few fun patterns put together for your choosing this year...

 These were my paper choices for 2016 Christmas....

Here are the packages lined up waiting for their ribbons and bows.......

I actually place my packages under the tree and get them in an arrangement I like before adding the ribbons, then I can tell which package need a certain color ribbon. I am all about coordinating things, plus I really enjoy this whole process.

Nothing terribly fancy or complicated, just pretty coordinating papers and lovely soft double faced satin ribbon that drapes nicely. You won't see stiff wired ribbon on my packages, I like the ribbons to fall naturally.

In 2015 I chose an all green black and white color scheme and here are the line-up of papers that I used. You will notice that my papers are not always what you might use at Christmas time, but once the ribbons are added and they are under the tree the say CHRISTMAS big time!! 

Don't limit your creativity by only shopping in the Christmas aisles for your papers.

This was our very first Christmas in our new home in 2015.

All wrapped up and tied up with ribbons and bows.

The other thing I like to do with my wrapping and ribbons is to keep them in baskets and organized so that when I need to do my wrapping they are ready at hand. 
I actually keep my wrapping papers in a French Market basket and sometimes I keep it by the tree and it just adds to the Christmas decor. 

Let me show you how I did it one year.....
Tools needed for wrapping……..

2013 Christmas gifts 006 (800x600)ribbit
You will notice the little basket on the right has my tools, scissors, tape, glue stick, markers all together. There is nothing that will slow down the process more than not being able to find the scissors or the tape so I have found that corralling them in a basket really helps me out.

Baskets to hold everything are so helpful……..

2013 Christmas gifts 008 (800x600)ribbit
All my ribbons are lined up in a basket ready to make a pretty bow. 

I have fun paper ribbon with stickers that have our family name on them. 

Jingle bells were the theme for this years Christmas so I have a bowl full to add to the packages.

2013 Christmas gifts 011 (600x800)ribbit
I don’t have a designated room to do my gift wrapping in, but I do have a large kitchen bar that works well. 

Ribbet collage Gift wrapping central

By getting pretty papers and ribbons it really helps in making your packages stand out. I just tie simple uncomplicated bows on my packages.

I have found that buying a good quality ribbon is so helpful in making a pretty bow. I have never been a big fan of wired ribbon. I love a beautiful velvet, or my favorite is a double sided satin ribbon. 

Here is a sneak peek of this years wrapping papers all lined up.  This years scheme actually started right after last years Christmas celebration when I found a pillow on sale that I had admired for a few years.

He is goofy, quirky and fun so that dictated the colors I am using this year......

You can't look at this fellow without smiling so my color scheme had to be cheerful and happy. This year it is all about red, pinks and green....

Stay tuned for more blog post on how I am going to use all of this and especially how I will wrap my gifts this year!!

I hope this will help make gift wrapping a little easier and more enjoyable for you. Below you will find the sources I use for my gift wrapping supplies.

Paper sources: The Container Store
                                                Nashville Wraps

Ribbons: Paper Mart
              Container Store
Paper: Minted
Paper: Spoonflower
Gift tags: Southern Hospitality Co.
Paper ribbon and round stickers: Paper Jacks on Etsy

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